Must See Movies Of The Week (Oct. 10)


The title of this film is both ironic and fitting. The story revolves around two college girlfriends who are inseparable until one of them begins to date a guy. This film couldn’t be any more relatable and modern. Girls don’t behave as you’d imagine them to. The characters Allie (Stephanie Simbari) and Kort (Allie Gallerani) are foul-mouthed, raunchy, and messy, which makes them actually wonderfully authentic and relatable.

Movies of this kind usually feature men as the main characters, but kudos to writer and director Brent Craft for depicting a real honest side of women. These characters are flawed and unapologetic. The chemistry between the girls is so authentic on-screen that it makes you wonder if they are even acting. What’s really great about this film is that while it features a story centered on college aged women and the inner gossip and happenings in their lives, it’s just as relatable for men to understand and relate to. All the unspoken taboo perceptions of girls are widely exposed for the honesty and truth behind them. Lady-Like champions women and shows that they are as raunchy and goofy as guys are and it’s more than okay to embrace it and enjoy it.¬†This indie gem is a must-see for both girls and guys and everyone can take away something from it, including many laughs. I had a great time watching this film. Check out my interview with Stephanie Simbari discussing the film.¬†

Lady-Like is out now on Digital HD

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