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Apple TV+ fan favorite show Foundation is back for a second season. The sci-fi action adventure promises to add even more excitement for season two. The main cast returns and there is a lot at stake for the characters after the ending of season one.

I had a chance to speak with the cast of Foundation about the second season and get a feel for their favorite things about the show and working together. Check out all the individual interviews below.

***Interviews conducted prior to the SAG-AFTRA strike


Lee and Laura had as good of chemistry off-screen as they do on-screen. For some reason I always thought Lee Pace was British or Aussie? Maybe because he was in the Hobbit films? Either way his American accent briefly caught me off-guard, silly me. It was fun to hear Laura say that Demerzel (her character on the show) would like me and be nice to me. Even though I find her as an intimidating robot. These two were great and fun to talk with.


Lou was super cool and engaging. I won’t ever forget that she’s a big coffee person and she has zero aspirations to travel into space. Maldives kinda girl, and who can blame her? I liked how she compared her resilience to Gaal’s and that’s a notable characteristic they share in common. Lou has the makings of a star, beauty, intellect and charisma, not to mention a whole lot of talent. I look forward to seeing her career skyrocket.


Cassian is a cool dude. Very upbeat with positive energy. Looks like I’m not the only one ready and suggesting a Brother Dawn takeover, Cassian seemed on-board with it also. I like how his character is evolving on the show. Cassian is all about the people and engaging with them on set. Based on his personality and vibe, I’d imagine Cassian is probably one of the cast favorite on the set.


Leah is chill and fun. Our four minutes were maximized! So she shared with me that her favorite storyline and character is Cassian’s Brother Dawn, I found that interesting, but I’d say that I actually find her character Salvor Hardin to be one of the most interesting. Leah does find Salvor as cool as I do, since she didn’t hesitate to say she’d hang out with Salvo in a fantasy world if they were to meet.


Kulvinder has an infectious smile and seems like a jolly happy person. I went into Poly’s drinking habits as a point of conversation. Kulvinder noted that his cup on set is all water! haha. Poly really suits Kulvinder really well. Kulvinder really understands the character and has a unique perspective on him. Poly adds a different dimension to the show and I forsee him as a wildcard of sorts going forward.

FOUNDATION: Season 2 debuts globally on Friday, July 14 on Apple TV+, followed by new episodes weekly every Friday through September 15

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