Interview: Victoria Justice and Garrett Hedlund

Victoria Justice and Garrett Hedlund star in the suspense thriller The Tutor. They play a couple in the film but with plenty of mysterious drama surrounding them and their relationship.

I spoke to Victoria and Garrett prior to the release. Victoria and Garrett discuss their film The Tutor. Victoria shares her favorite things about Garrett and his affinity fart bombs and pranks. In return Garrett shares his favorite things he learned about Victoria.


So this was my first time speaking with either of them. Garrett is a lot more laid back and chill than I expected him to be. Victoria revealed the fact that Garrett loves fart bombs! haha and is apparently quite the prankster. So fun that she shared that, it also got a big reaction from Garrett. They did have nice things to say about each other also.

As I mentioned to them during the interview, I thought The Tutor would be a comedy, but it was anything but that. It was one of those suspenseful psychological thrillers that I enjoy. Lots of interesting twists and interesting plot. Garrett does really good work as the lead.

THE TUTOR is available on all On Demand platforms on May 9

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