Interviews: Scout Taylor-Compton and Nicky Whelan

Friends of Reel Talker Nicky Whelan and Scout Taylor-Compton joined me again for another chat. Scout is known for several projects, notably for the Rob Zombie Halloween movies and currently hosts the successful podcast Talk Scary to Me alongside Danielle Harris. Scout’s latest film is the action thriller The Best Man, that also stars Luke Wilson, Dolph Lundgren and Nicky Whelan.

Nicky is always appearing in a film, so don’t blink. She’s worked alongside several Hollywood greats, including Bruce Willis and Nicolas Cage multiple times. She’s fantastic.

I spoke to Scout about her role in the film. Working with her friend and another friend of Reel Talker, Nicky Whelan. Plus, she spoke about her preparation for her upcoming wedding and how she found love on a dating app!

I spoke to Nicky about working on The Best Man. Her exotic travel filming locations. Enjoying her animal sanctuary getaways and much more.




Scout is one of my favorites. She’s got a great personality. Always engaged and excited to talk with something interesting to say. Big fan of her and her work. So much that we managed to discuss and chat about in just over 10 minutes. Her upcoming wedding sounds awesome. Pizza and tacos everyone! That’s my kind of wedding menu. I had no idea she met her fiance on Bumble of all places! Who know dating apps work for others haha. Scout’s podcast is fantastic so I had to let her know I’m a fan of it.

Nicky is absolutely one of my all-time favorites. She’s such a joy to speak with. This woman leads such an interesting life and she embraces it all and doesn’t take it for granted. All these exotic trips she takes for work and constantly working. She’s one hard working actor with a great work ethic. I learned that she helps out at an animal sanctuary which is outstanding. Best of all, Scout and Nicky seem to be good friends, so I loved hearing that and their road trip story.

THE BEST MAN in Theaters, On Demand and Digital as of April 21st

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