Interview: Ben Milliken on Pink Limo, SNAG and More

Ben Milliken is an actor that should be on your radar. You might recognize him from the series Bosch or the Blue Crush sequel. He’s a talented actor, writer and director. His latest film Snag, he does the trifecta, stars, wrote and directed.

I had a chance to catch up with Ben and discuss his latest film and the infamous pink limo that’s part of it. Check out the full interview below:


Ben Milliken is a genuine guy. I spoke to him a few years back, so it was nice to catch up. Lot has changed in his life. I just went on assuming he was still married, he’s not anymore, to my suprise. That was outstanding awkwardness created by me, luckily Ben being the cool dude he is took it in stride.

Snag is a lot of fun. Ben’s fingerprints are all over it. That pink limo story he spoke about is a good one. The movie is fast paced with comedy and action. For those that don’t know, Ben’s ex runs a coffee shop in Burbank, CA called The Palm Coffee Bar. Check it out if you’re in the area.

SNAG is available now on digital and in select theaters and will be available on demand May 12

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