Interview: “Rabbit Hole” Cast & Showrunner Best Takes

Paramout+ Rabbit Hole is one of the more intriguing shows of 2023. Fans of 24, this is right up your alley, as it also stars Kiefer Sutherland. The first season wraps up with its finale on Sunday, May 7. Check out the sneak peak for it. It looks really promising.

Earlie I spoke to the show’s creators and the cast and here are the highlights of it in the below video. Talent participating are as follows: Showrunners Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, actors Charles Dance, Meta Golding, Enid Graham, Rob Yang and Walt Klink.


So all three of these interview sessions were part of a larger journalist roundtable. I just clipped out my questions and mashed it up together to include my questions and some highlights. I asked the showrunners about the show having a big budget movie look feel to it, seems from their response that exactly was their objective.

Meta and I had a good laugh about her character starting all the troubles by swiping on a dating app. I also asked them what they took away from their experience on the show, Meta took away some self-defense training, Charles didn’t have an answer haha.

I asked Walt, Enid and Rob if they would hang with their characters. Enid had no reservations about that. Rob leaned into his also, but Walt just called his character a psycho, so needless to say they wouldn’t be hanging out, clever response by Walt. My second question was how they consume the show. Rob is a binger, Enid is patient and clever Walt doesn’t like watching himself on screen.

Rabbit Hole is really good and intriguing. The cliffhangers keep you guessing what’s next. Too bad the first season has only eight episodes, but I’m certain there will have to be more seasons in the works. Let’s hope so.

RABBIT HOLE Season 1 finale streams on Sunday, May 7 on Paramount+

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