Interview: Actor and Showrunner from”The Big Door Prize”

Apple TV+ The Big Door Prize is coming up on it’s season finale in a couple weeks. The show is a sci-fi comedy drama starring about a small town and a mysterious machine that appears and predicts people’s destiny. I had a chance to speak with one of the stars of the show Gabrielle Dennis, who plays Cass, as well as showrunner and the creator of the show David West Read.

David discusses the show and I run by a Schitt’s Creek crossover theory. Gabrielle talks about her role and what she would want the machine to predict for her. The Big Door Prize season finale is scheduled to air on May 17 on Apple TV+. In the meantime check out the fun and engaging interviews with David and Gabrielle below.


David has a fun personality and is easy to talk to. He does give quick answers that somehow are very complete and detailed. That’s a great skill and makes him a fun interview. The man is a very creative writer, if you need any more evidence just take a look at Schitt’s Creek. I’m a fan of his writing. Cool guy.


Gab was dressed to impress. She looked great and it’s pretty cool she decided to make this press event her version of a premiere and dressing up fancy. I found her to be easy going and engaging. Fun also. She does a great job playing Cass (the wife of Chris O’Dowd’s character Dusty). She also gave some interesting answers.

THE BIG DOOR PRIZE streams on Apple TV+ with new episodes every Wednesday

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