Interview: Jovan Adepo Talks Welcome to Derry, Babylon and To Catch a Killer

Jovan Adepo’s earliest films was starring alongside Denzel Washington in Fences. Since he’s starred in several big name projects including the blockbuster Babylon. Coming up next year is the highly anticipated series Welcome to Derry. But before that, Jovan’s latest film is the mystery thriller To Catch a Killer, in which Jovan stars alongside Shailene Woodley.

I spoke to Jovan Adepo about working on To Catch a Killer and how his best friend lend him a perspective to the role. He also spoke about his experience on Babylon and his reaction to it not getting nominated for an Oscar. Plus, he shares a message to a the fans of the upcoming Welcome to Derry (IT) series.


I met Jovan Adepo earlier in his career when he was on a promotional tour for Fences and he came through Chicago. Nice guy, nothing changed since on that end. I find him to be a well-spoken, authentic and engaging guy. It was a pleasure to talk with him. Lots of good and interesting nuggets from this interview.

Jovan spoke about his best friend being an FBI agent, how interesting, and how he respects his work, especially when doing a role like this one in To Catch a Killer. It’s one thing to play a role in a movie, and another to do this work for a living, Jovan seemed very mindful and respectful of that.

I enjoyed Jovan’s performance in Babylon. He’s obviously proud of the film, as he should, but was very classy about his response about the film’s Oscar snub. I thought they earned it and it was a snub, but Jovan made a great statement about how hard it is to be nominated with so many good films and performances out there. Fair point.

Welcome to Derry is a highly anticipated series that’s coming to Max next year. People are already losing it and speculating online about what’s it gonna be. Jovan provided some clarity on that. I 100% agree with him about fans needing to be patient and trusting the process and the people behind it. I also appreciated Jovan’s candidness about reading comments online. You don’t usually get this kind of honesty from entertainers.

To Catch a Killer was a good suspenseful film. Good performances. Check it out.

TO CATCH A KILLER in Theaters April 21, On Demand on May 16

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