Somewhere in Queens Cast Sadie Stanley and Jacob Ward

Somewhere in Queens is the new Ray Romano’s New York centric comedic family drama. Two of the young stars of the film, Sadie Stanley and Jacob Ward breakout in their roles in the film. I spoke to Sadie Stanley and Jacob Ward during their press day for the film.

Sadie and Jacob spoke about their characters, favorite things about each other, plus Kim Possible? Find out all about it in the video below:



Sadie and Jacob were fun to chat with. Sadie got a kick out of the Kim Possible comment. It was a fun way to get the interview rolling. Jacob is a kinda soft-spoken similar to his character “Sticks”. You can see he also has a good sense of humor. I found it awesome that Sadie shared Jacob’s love milk and carrying around that jug of it. Great stuff.

Both of these actors did a great job in the film. I could definitely see this being a breakout film for both. I expect to see a lot more of them on screen. Good young actors and cool fun individuals.

SOMEWHERE IN QUEENS in Theaters on April 21st

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