JANE star and filmmakers discuss the show

Jane is educational and fun for kids and the family. Animal lovers this show is for you. The show pays homage to the great Jane Goodall. The show stars Ava Louise Murchison as 10-year old Jane Garcia who is inspired to protect and learn about endangered animals.

I had a chance to speak with Ava Louise, along with the show creator J.J. Johnson and VFX supervisor and executive producer Matt Bishop. They spoke about the show, creating the animals and choosing which ones to be featured on the show. Jane Goodall’s inspiration and much more. Check out the interviews below:


Ava Louise is a very impressive kid. Well-spoken, seems mature beyond his age. You can see why she was an easy choice to be cast in the role of Jane. It was cool that she spoke about ways she likes to help the environment and shared tips on how everyone can contribute in their lives by making select choices. Another cool story was Ava Louise sharing that they went on a trip to Kenya to see the animals with the rest of the show’s cast and crew.


J.J. seems like a really nice guy. He’s done a great job developing youth oriented shows. No difference with Jane. It’s a show that’s easy to watch and a lot to take away about endangered animals. I could tell J.J. is really invested in this show the way he talks about it.


Simply put, Matt has great hair. He’s also a heck of a visual effects artists. He really made the animals in Jane look life-like. I thought the monkey Greybeard was real! Even the CGI fur on the animals looks realistic. Matt and JJ have been longtime collaborators, so this is a good team of professionals.

JANE is streaming now on Apple TV+

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