‘A Lot of Nothing’ Cast Interviews

A Lot of Nothing is a lot of everything. This movie has a fantastic cast and an interesting and thought-provoking storyline. So who better to get the answers from than the cast and filmmaker. I spoke to them about the film, working together and even got a reaction to Justin Hartley’s “insane handsomeness”. Check it all out for yourself.


Fun guys. Justin was a lot more laid-back than I imagined im to be. Loved when Mo talked about what makes working with Justin a great experience. It was fun hearing Justin compare his character from This Is Us, Kevin Pearson to his character in A Lot of Nothing, Brian.


I barely got to any questions with these two, it was such a blast just chatting them up. The dollar movie thing was awesome, Shamier was hilarious in his response. This was the second time I had a chance to speak with Lex, she’s great and wonderful all-around. It was sweet hearing them talk about each other.


Y’lan was super chill and easy to talk with. He gave some great answers. Plus, had to chat him up about the Purge. Originally, Cleopatra Coleman was supposed to join him but by the time I went on for my interview, she had to leave. Either way still had a good time with Y’lan.

A LOT OF NOTHING is out now on Digital and AMC+

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