Hulu’s UP HERE Cast and Creators Talk 1999 and Making of the Show

Hulu’s Up Here is here! The 8 episode musical comedy series about falling in love in NYC in 1999 and everything that comes with it. I spoke to the cast, director and showrunners of the series and we spoke about all sorts of things from their memories of 1999, the story of the show, even a Masters of Sex crossover? Check out the interviews below.


Katie and Andrea were fun and hilarious. Deadpan sarcasm at its finest. They really are soul sisters and their chemistry is undeniable. Such a cool story of their humble beginnings and conquering the entertainment industry together. It’s great they are now part of this show together.

THOMAS KAIL (Director):

Steven has directed some of the biggest musicals for TV and film, notably Hamilton and Grease Live. It’s a no-brainer that he’s helming Up Here. I liked how he went deep on the concept of 1999 and why it was such a crucial element of the plot of this show. Makes sense exactly why the show is the way it is, hearing him break it down helped me make sense of it all. Interesting stuff.


Steven is the man behind a show I am a fan of, Masters of Sex. So I naturally had to ask him about the hypothetical crossover with Up Here. Kristen and Steven gave a great reaction and take on it. I asked them what they remembered about 1999. Kristen went into detail and reminded me of the nervous anticipation of Y2K, which I remembered as a kid.

UP HERE is out now and streaming on Hulu

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