MAYOR OF KINGSTOWN Star Tobi”Bunny”Bamtefa Explains Season 2

Mayor of Kingstown is one of the most thrilling shows out there. Compelling and suspenseful. Season two is streaming now on Paramount+ and the fallout from season one is what season two is starting with. Jeremy Renner stars, but one of the best characters on the show (in my opinion and certainly many others) is “Bunny” played by Tobi Bamtefa.

I spoke to Tobi about season two. He shared his experiences on the show and explained in depth what you can expect from season two and what surprise might be in store for Bunny.


Tobi was super cool. Great personality. Awesome laugh. Engaging fun guy. I didn’t know he was British, so that caught me off-guard. Couldn’t tell with his American accent on the show. I thought Tobit did a great job explaining what to expect from season two without giving away anything major, he made great sense of what’s going on and why.

As I mentioned up top, his character “Bunny” is a favorite of mine. There is a lot more of Bunny in season two, so that’s a good thing. Mayor of Kingstown is one of my favorite shows currently. It’s dark and violent, but entertaining. Season one was tremendous, Tobi assured season two is just as good and there is plenty of fallout from the first season. It’s not a show for everyone due to the graphic nature, but it’s one of these series that will suck you in.

MAYOR OF KINGSTOWN (Season 2) airs Sunday’s exclusively on Paramount+

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