Cassie Scerbo: “I dealt with many bouts of bullying”

Cassandra Scerbo is a bonafide triple threat. Actress, singer, dancer and the most important of them all, philanthropist. Scerbo is known for her role as Lauren Tanner in Make It or Break It, as well as the Sharknado movies. She’s made an impact on screen, but her true life passion is helping others, especially when it comes to bullying.

I spoke to Cassie about the upcoming charity fundraising gala, the 4th Annual BOO BALL, in which she serves as the VP for the event. Find out all about this wonderful event and the great discussion she had with me.


Cassie is a sweetheart. As gorgeous as she is, she’s even a more beautiful for her heart. It’s easily noticeable how much passion Cassie Scerbo has for charity and speaking out against bullying. You’d never imagine someone that’s physically stunning to have experienced bullying, but she has. She shared the story of a stalker that was threatening her. Scary stuff.

I thought she shared so many important messages and was very transparent. It’s super cool she’s so active in spreading her message to kids in schools. She’s being very proactive and certainly making a difference. I admire her for that.

I appreciated her transparency, speaking about her personal insecurities. She’s a very relatable individual. Bullying is something unfortunately we all have dealt with personally or witnessed. I was bullied a lot as a kid. It’s great we are now having these programs to educate young people about it.

I could have talked to Cassie Scerbo for hours, she’s very easy to talk to and very engaging. I’m proud of her work. She’s got so much good work ahead of her still. This is someone who is genuinely making a change in the world, for the better.

Boo2Bullying Presents 4th Annual BOO BALL Halloween Fundraising Gala 

To Take Place October 28th, 2022 at SLS Hotel Beverly Hills 

All Proceeds Benefit Boo2Bullying Suicide Prevention and School Programs

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