Emma Pasarow on the film that felt like heaven and her fun family tradition

There is a new Emma in Hollywood that soon will be a household name. Emma Pasarow. Emma’s credits include the coming-of-age Netflix film Along for the Ride. Her latest project is the short Kickstart My Heart.

I spoke to Emma about working with director Kelsey Bollig on Kickstart My Heart. Why the film was an incredible opportunity for her. She also spoke about how Along for the Ride was a coming-of-age for her personally. Plus, her interesting family tradition.


Emma was fantastic. What a kind and sweet person. She was so passionate talking about her projects and acting. Very engaging and lovely all-around. She reminds me of a young Jennifer Garner. Not just by her look and similar voice, but even her passion for her craft.

She spoke glowingly about working on Kickstart My Heart. Apparently she became friends with the writer-director Kelsey Bollig, whose personal story this film is inspired by. I encourage you to check out Kelsey’s story. She’s overcome a lot and a near-death experience that this film is based on.

I was a fan of Emma in the Netflix film Along for the Ride. It was my first introduction to her. I thought she was fantastic. It’s a cool teenage coming-of-age film. I recommend checking it out. I found out through the interview that many of the things her character did in the film, were things Emma was trying herself for the first time. Pretty cool.

I also learned about Emma’s love for hiking. The hiking adventure she had with her dad and other 60 year-olds was quite the interesting story to hear. I think she ended up convincing me to try hiking. I might need her as my hiking tour guide next time I’m in LA. You can’t help but be happy for the success someone like Emma is starting to receive. She’s gonna be a big name, I have no doubt about that.

Find out where you can watch Kickstart My Heart

ALONG FOR THE RIDE is streaming on Netflix

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