(Review) FALL: The Queasiest Watch of the Year

Get ready for your stomach to churn, your hair on your arms (if you have any) to stand up and your body temperature to rise. That’s the sort of experience you can anticipate with the skin-crawling and pulse-pounding Fall. Director Scott Mann pulls out all the stops and throws everything and the kitchen sink at the lead characters in this film.

Long time friends Becky (Grace Caroline Currey) and Hunter (Virginia Gardner) have a fallout after a tragic incident. They try to move past the past by making an unprecedented climb up a radio tower. Things don’t go as planned and hell breaks loose on these poor souls. Will they be able to get down as easy as they got up (2000 feet high)?


What a thrill ride. Uncomfortable, uneasy and mostly tension packed. Might not be the best for your health but Fall is pure adrenaline. The leads Grace Caroline Currey and Virginia Gardner do a really good job depicting the high stakes by physically and emotionally commanding the screen. They have very good chemistry working off each other.

The cinematography deserves a lot of credit, along with the good score. The vertical terror that this tower is, completely messes with your mind while you’re watching. For someone who has a fear of heights, as I do, you’re going to cringe often.

Fall is the queasiest film you’ll see all year. It’s really entertaining also. This movie was made for the big screen experience. It’s the main reason why they used specialized technology to remove the F-bombs that were in the original cut to make it PG-13 and theater friendly. Good call. The whole altering of words is so finely executed you won’t catch it by looking at the actors.

Ultimately, Fall is an experience. Think of a roller-coaster ride without moving an inch off the ground.

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  • Acting: 7.5/10
  • Entertainment: 9/10
  • Story/Plot: 8/10
  • Impression: 8/10
  • Creativity8/10


GENRE: Thriller


RUNTIME: 1 hr 47 min

RELEASE DATE: ‘FALL’ in Theaters as of August 12

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