Booboo Stewart on Robert Pattinson as Batman and What He Thinks of His Own Name

Booboo Stewart has done things his way in his career. Making a name in big franchises such as Twilight, X-Men and Descendants. Now he’s carving his own path in independent film and playing unique characters. Look no further than his latest film Those Who Walk Away.

I spoke with Booboo and director Robert Rippberger about the making of the film. They reveal what really happened with the ending of the film (SPOILER). The guys talk about becoming friends and collaborators. Booboo finally shares his thoughts on his name, plus his reaction to Robert Pattinson as the new Batman.


This was a lot of fun. A little insight I’ll share is that we previously recorded the interview but had to redo/continue it on another day due to some unfortunate technical difficulties. The guys were gracious with their time and it was super fun to reconnect with them.

I met Booboo years before at a comic con in Chicago, I forgot to bring it up to him, but he’s such a cool dude. I really noticed how much he’s matured. Maybe it was just associating him with teen and kid friendly projects like Twilight and Descendants, but he’s all grown up folks! haha. I really enjoyed his performance in Those Who Walk Away. His chemistry with co-star Scarlett Sperduto was very natural and relatable, especially when they were on their date in the first half of the film.

There is no question that Booboo has one of the most unique names in Hollywood, so I had to ask him about it. I really enjoyed his response. So it’s clear now, he likes his name, even though he was apprehensive about it in the past. I’m glad he’s embracing it, as it’s a badass name!

So I had to ask Booboo about his Twilight buddy Robert Pattinson becoming Batman. Booboo gave such a real instant priceless reaction. He was very genuine in being happy for Robert and excited for seeing him in the movie. Pretty cool to support for your peers like that.

I thought the film was interesting and Booboo Stewart’s role was cool. This film surprised me in how uniquely it was presented. Those Who Walk Away is an interesting watch.

THOSE WHO WALK AWAY is out now on Digital and On Demand

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