Iazua Larios on Her Sex Scenes with Tim Roth in SUNDOWN

If you haven’t been familiar with the talented Mexico City born actress Iazua Larios, you will after seeing her in Michel Franco’s Sundown. In the film she plays Berenice and stars opposite Tim Roth.

I spoke to Iazua about her role in Sundown. Playing alongside Tim Roth and the intimate sex scenes they shared together. Plus, did she feel more at home filming in Acapulco.


Iazua was very sweet. I appreciated how engaging she was an open to discussion about her intimate sex scenes with Tim, which actually are significant story points in the film. Seems like Iazua and Tim formed a good bond together, even though they had little time getting to know another prior to filming.

I complimented her on her look and how natural it is. Might be true that it’s all in the water and beaches! haha. She was a great sport. It was interesting to find out that she shadowed a local to help her get into character and familiarize with the location

I found her performance to be bold and very natural. Iazua Larios did a great job in the film. Sundown kept surprising me as I was watching. Very intriguing and mysterious film.

SUNDOWN is out now in theaters and releases on digital platforms on February 17

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