Filmmaker Michel Franco on His Friendship with Tim Roth and How He Challenged Tim

Tim Roth is one of the great underrated actors around. His latest film is the calm thriller Sundown. Written and directed by Michel Franco.

I spoke to Michel about Sundown. Working with Tim Roth and how they developed a friendship. Michel also spoke about why the filming location of Acapulco is near and dear to him. Plus, more.


The interview got off to a great start when Michel called me out for my Christmas tree. That was a funny icebreaker. Michel seemed like a pretty cool guy to me. He was more of a laid back kinda guy. Great hair. That has to be his trademark.

Michel mentioned the story of a scary situation he faced in Acapulco. You hear things about certain places being potentially dangerous, but it hits you in a different way when someone from the area is faced with danger, as Michel said he was.

It was cool learning the story of how Michel and Tim met at a film festival where Tim was a judge and Michel’s film was being featured. From what Michel said, seems like he has a good personal and professional relationship with Tim. I found it interesting when he comfortable said he challenged Tim more than he’s ever been pushed on-screen.

SUNDOWN releases on digital platforms on February 17

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