“Candy Queen” Jackie Sorkin on What Her World Without Candy Would Be Like

When it comes to candy, Jackie Sorkin is the queen, expert, guru, whatever you want to call it, she’s it. You can see Jackie and her team do the seemingly impossible and build a candy house in the Hulu original series Candified: Home For The Holidays.

I had a chance to be part of the press day for the Candified and to speak with Jackie Sorkin. Jackie spoke about her weight loss motivation, ambition and love for candy.


Jackie was wonderful. Immediately her infectious energy jumped off-screen. Loved how authentic and transparent she is. Huge personality. There is no doubt why she’s perfect for hosting a show.

I had no idea Jackie had weight issues. Very happy for her and for her accomplishment of her weight loss. Her motivation for it was the loss of her dad. If there is silver lining from a tragic situation, she made the best of it.

I was inspired hearing her talk about her motivation and ambition. It was infectious. Clearly this is an individual that goes all out and nothing seems impossible for her. As a viewer, I thought the candy house would be, but she proved me wrong.

The show is a quick watch with only four episodes. You get to meet Jackie’s talented team and there is even some drama along the way to creating a candy masterpiece. Fun watch.

CANDIFIED: HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS premieres on Hulu on December 1st

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