Pete Buttigieg for President in 2024? Find Out What the Director of the Documentary ‘MAYOR PETE’ Says

Pete Buttigieg has become a household name over the past couple years. The South Bend, Indiana mayor turned U.S. secretary of transportation official has a movie out now about his presidential campaign. Jesse Moss’ Mayor Pete is chronicles Buttigieg’s campagin journey from start to finish.

I spoke to Jesse Moss about the film. What was it like to be on Pete’s campaign trail. Getting to know Pete the everyday man. Jesse shares his journey chronicling Pete’s. Plus, what does he think of Pete’s potential run for office in 2024? Find out all that and more in the interview below.


Jesse offered some great insight into Pete as a man and as a candidate. He leaves no stone unturned in the film documenting Pete’s journey. I liked how the film split between his political life and his personal home life.

This is one of the most thorough and intimate looks at a political campaign I’ve ever seen. I appreciated Jessee leaving all aspects of the behind-the-scenes interactions. First hand account of Pete and his significant other Chasten Glezman at their home doing everyday things.

Chasten is a big part of Pete’s life and is highlighted in the doc also. He seems to be a great complement to Pete, especially personality wise. Pete has more of a dry sense of humor and is more reserved, while Chasten is more outspoken.

My favorite part of the film might have been Pete and his campaign team getting stuck inside the elevator. To get that kind of intimacy on film is unparalleled. Terrific job by Jesse all around and the access he had was tremendous.

I asked Jesse if he’d go on the journey again with Pete, he seemed a bit hesitant and unsure. Maybe he accomplished all he could with this film? Jesse didn’t was not certain Pete would run for President in 2024 either. I appreciated his honesty during this interview and transparency.

MAYOR PETE releases globally on Amazon Prime Video on November 12, 2021

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