Interview: Two Bold Actresses Share What It Was Like to Make a Film During the Height of the Pandemic

The pandemic has affected pretty much everyone on the planet in some way, some in worse way than others. For many, jobs and careers came to a stop or unfortunate end. Whitney Call and Mallory Everton have been longtime friends and co-workers. Together they have done sketch comedy, shows and films.

Lacking any work opportunities when the pandemic started, these ladies decided to take matters into their own hands and make their own work. Facing an uphill battle with the uncertainties of the world around them Mallory and Whitney went on to write, direct and star in their feature length comedy, Stop and Go.

I spoke to Mallory and Whitney about their friendship, experience making the movie at the height of the pandemic and more.


Mallory and Whitney had awesome engaging personalities. They were easy to talk to. It was pretty apparent they have been friends for a long time, especially when I asked them to share the favorite qualities about each other. It was very sweet, what they shared about each other.

I thought it was super bold what they did by making this film during the uncertain times of the pandemic. They spoke about the uncertainty of how to get through daily living, much less making a movie. As we were figuring out as a society how to navigate around a world pandemic, they had to do twice the work with navigating a set and keeping everyone safe while following the continuously changing safety guidelines.

The film has natural comedy, or shall I call it circumstantial comedy. They did a really good job running the ship on and and off screen to make this film happen.

STOP AND GO opens in Theaters and On Demand on October 1

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