Ed Skrein on How Being a Swimmer Helped Him Become a Director and Polish Movers?!

Ed Skrein can do it all on-screen. Name the genre and role and he’s either done it or capable of it. His latest film Naked Singularity, Ed plays a very sketchy and entertaining character.

I was thrilled to get a chance to speak to Ed about the film and life. Ed talks about how swimming helped him become a director. He spoke about how much he enjoyed working on Naked Singularity and living in New York during production. Ed shares his current hobbies and why he loves Polish movers! Ha


I’ve been wanting to talk to Ed for a while. Big fan of his. Most will recognize him from being a villain opposite Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool. I shared a story how one of his films was an introduction to my blogging “career”. The film I’m talking about is The Model. It’s a fascinating indie film. Bringing that up also lead Ed share that awesome Polish movers story and finding out about Jerzy Dudek being one of his favorite footballers. As a Polish person, this is fun stuff to hear about.

I found Ed to be introspective and thoughtful. Seemed like a humble everyday man. Very easy to talk to. He wasn’t hiding his affinity for his Naked Singularity co-stars and experience working on the film. Seems like he genuinely had a great experience. It’s cool that Ed is following his passion to direct. Here is the link to his short film.


NAKED SINGULARITY is out in Theaters on August 6th and On Demand on August 13

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