Jess Weixler and Joshua Leonard on the Wild Thing They Did on Set That Had People in Shock!

Jess Weixler and Joshua Leonard are notorious for their infamous characters. For Jess it was the unforgettable role of Dawn in Teeth, while Josh played the chilling stalker David Strine in Unsane. So what better way to do a modern relationship comedy than having the infamous “vagina claw” girl and the creepy stalker join together in a whole different kind of movie. Fully Realized Humans is the latest film for Jess and Josh that they get to work on together.

I had a chance to speak too Jess and Josh about Fully Realized Humans. Working together again. Their memorable and crazy on-set antics that shocked some locals. Plus they share the story of how they first met, and look back on their memorable roles of Dawn and David.


Jess and Josh were great. Awesome personalities and energy. Very engaging and easy to talk to. I spoke to Jess in a phone intreview years ago, but this was the first time on camera. I just find her to be so fun and transparent. This was my first interaction with Josh and he was equally great. These two have some great stories and I’m glad they shared them with me.

The sex leather mask is a sight to behold. Who knew that was a random $12 purchase Josh made on Amazon. Pure gold the way they utilize it in the film. That’s where that burger joint story came from that they spoke about in the interview. Still can’t believe it.

So I learned that Jess was actually pregant while working on this film. I’d imagine it wasn’t easy, but she did a fantastic job. I also didn’t know they previously did a film together, I haven’t seen it, but it’s now on my list. They work well together and have great banter on and off-screen.

Jess was proud that she terrified me as a teen from what she did in Teeth. If you’ve never seen the film, it’s a must. A true modern cult classic. Josh managed to terrify me as an adult for his crazed stalker portrayal in Unsane.

Really enjoyable interview with several fun stories. Check out Fully Realized Humans out now on VOD.


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