Shiloh Fernandez on If He’s Proud Being Part of the Evil Dead Remake

Shiloh Fernandez is one of those stars that goes under-the-radar. You’ve seen him in major blockbusters such as Evil Dead and Red Riding Hood, starring alongside the likes of Amanda Seyfried, Rosamund Pike, Tom Holland and Ewan McGregor. His latest film he stars in and co-wrote is the mob thriller The Birthday Cake.

I had a chance to speak to Shiloh, as he joined me on Reel Talker. Shiloh discussed The Birthday Cake. The approach he took to playing the lead character “Gio”. Working alongside Hollywood greats. He also spoke about being part of the Evil Dead remake and if he’s proud of it. He also shares his hobbies. Will he ever play a superhero? Find out all that and more.

SPOILER WARNING: He speaks about the ending of the film around the 14 minute mark.


Shiloh was a blast. Very down-to-earth, soft-spoken guy. He’s definitely struck me as a creative type of person. No surprise, he’s writing scripts also. I was really impressed with his performance in The Birthday Cake. The way he played “Gio” is something that stood out in this compelling film. Shiloh spoke about his approach to playing Gio. I found his choices and approach interesting and fitting for the role. It easily could have been taken another way, and the Gio character would have ended up being very different. He nailed it though.

I had to ask him about the ending of the film. I was really curious about it and what happened to the Gio character and what the final moments meant. I got my answer. For spoilers sake, I won’t mention it here, but Shiloh had a very interesting perspective on the ending and what he envisioned for Gio. I found it very satisfying hearing his take.

Well, I found out Shiloh is a huge San Francisco Giants fan, didn’t know that fact. He spoke very proudly of his significant other, I had no idea she was the “neighbor” girl in one of the scenes in the film. I thought she was fantastic it that one scene.

I had to ask him about being a big part of the Evil Dead remake. He seemed very proud of the film and being part of it. That was cool to hear. I enjoyed the film. Remakes are hit or miss, but the Evil Dead one was solid.

The Birthday Cake is one of my favorite recent films I’ve seen. Phenomenal cast and really intriguing story. It’s one of those edge-of-your-seat suspense plots. Check it out.

THE BIRTHDAY CAKE is out now in Theaters and On Demand

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