‘Long Weekend’ Director Steve Basilone on How the Film’s Story Was Based on His Life Experience

Long Weekend sounds like a title of a horror film, but Steve Basilone’s film is anything but that. It’s a romantic comedy about two young adults that find each other at an opportune time in their lives.

I had a chance to speak to Steve about the making of the film. What was his inspiration for it. He shares his thoughts about the current climate for romantic movies, plus the star of the film, Finn Wittrock’s off-set work that impressed him.


Steve was a really cool guy to talk to. Down-to-earth and fun. I really enjoyed this film, but didn’t know prior to watching that a lot of the story was based on Steve’s personal experience. That was certainly interested to hear and find out from him.

I wanted to hear Steve’s take on the current state of romantic movies. I mean he’d be a great source to find out, considering he’s the writer and director of a new romantic feature. Steve made some good points and seemed optimistic about the current state and future of rom coms. As a huge fan of the genre, I was happy to hear that.

One of the lead stars of the film is Finn Wittrock, who was just announced as the new Green Lantern. Steve spoke about how impressed he was by Finn’s work he put in offset during filming and how he used techniques taught to him by legends of the industry. Steve also spoke glowingly of his other lead actor Zoe Chao. I liked her performance in the film and can see why Steve had praised her work and potential.

LONG WEEKEND is out now on Digital and releases on DVD on May 25th

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