Build Your Brand and Go Viral! Advice from Mega Influencer Rachel McCord and Viral Expert Rick Schirmer

Social media is king in today’s world. There is money and notoriety in becoming a social media influencer, but it’s not easy to get to that level. So how do you create your brand? How do you get followers and subscribers? What about going viral? There are a lot of areas to navigate in order to gain a following. Rick Schirmer and Rachel McCord know all about making a living from being an influencer.

Rick was a former marketing guru at Disney and CEO of ViralBrand, who spearheaded several highly successful campaigns. Rachel is of one the top influencers out there and the founder of The McCord List. This power couple knows how to succeed in this competitive marketplace. I had a great opportunity to speak to Rachel and Rick about their work and personal home life. Check out this fun and insightful interview!


First and foremost, Rick and Rachel were an absolute joy and blast to chat with. What a fun and charming couple! Based on their interaction together, it’s no surprise they are one power couple. I really enjoyed the affection they showed each other in the interview, seemed pretty genuine. There is hope out there for me and all the other singles that soulmates DO exist!

Both of them are first time parents and I could just feel the joy and excitement they had speaking about their baby and their new life and parents. Pretty awesome. The story of how they met was just as fun to hear. You can see their chemistry pop when they talked about meeting each other and how they started dating. I appreciated how transparent Rick was talking about his previous relationship and how he felt he was missing something and didn’t have that magnetic connection he found with Rachel.

I thought they shared some very valuable and practical tips on growing your audience and following. Rick and Rachel have a lot of experience in branding and viral marketing, so I’d take everything they said and apply it. Even though we talked for 45 minutes, I wish I had more time with them to talk about branding and marketing. It’s so interesting to hear the perspective from experts.


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