Universe’s Biggest Mystery Closer to Being Solved? Find Out What You Need to Know About Black Holes

We live in a mysterious world. How did this all come to be? You can find books and Google search for days to discover fascinating facts about our universe. Of all the things we have discovered and learned, one of life’s greatest mysteries has been the “black hole”. What is the black hole? What do we know about it? Does it suck you in and spit you out? Is there time travel involved?

I asked a black hole expert. Peter Galison is a scientist, historian and filmmaker. He specializes in the studies of the black hole. He documented one of the greatest discoveries about the black hole in his documentary film Black Holes: The Edge of All We Know. I spoke to him about the film, the mystery that are black holes and how much further do we have to go to figure out their existence and purpose.


Peter was certainly one of the smartest and interesting people I’ve ever spoken to. His knowledge about the universe, especially black holes, is second to none. The film gave me a whole new perspective on the black hole phenomenon. Most of my knowledge about them stemmed from movies and the idea that they are time travel portal of sorts. Thanks to Peter and his film, I have a much better idea of what they are all about.

The film might be slow-paced and feels a lot like it was filmed in real-time, in a way, it was. On the surface you are watching smart people in meetings geeking out over black holes, but if you step back and realize, we as viewers are getting unparalleled access to the discussions that rarely ever are seen or heard, unless you’re one of the scientists involved. It’s like being a fly on a wall witnessing high-end concepts at work.

Peter has a great personality and I enjoyed speaking to him and hearing him talk about this topic of black holes. His passion for it is undeniable. He offered some great insight on the work that’s been done and what is ahead.

Imagine having the unique privilege being in the room and having intimate conversations with one of the greatest minds to ever live, Stephen Hawking? Well, Peter did, on a daily basis. How phenomenal. He said some touching kind things about Stephen and highlighted the importance of having him be part of the black hole research. It’s sad that Stephen never got to see the image of the black hole that his team worked years on obtaining.

I highly recommend Peter’s documentary, if you have any interest at all about the universe, space and specifically black holes.


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