Peter Vack Talks ‘Love Life’ Series, Erotic Movies and Working with Julia Fox

If you’ve seen the HBO Max series Love Life or the series Mozart in the Jungle and The Bold Type, you are most likely familiar with actor Peter Vack. His latest film is the erotic drama PVT Chat where he plays alongside Julia Fox.

I spoke to Peter about working on PVT Chat and how he approached his character Jack. He also spoke about working alongside Julia Fox and how easy it was to work with an actress of her caliber. Peter shared his thoughts on erotic movies and why Americans still react to sex in movies in a taboo way. Plus, he discusses what he liked about working on Love Life and even compares his characters from Love Life and PVT Chat.


I found Peter to be really chill and laid back. Pretty introspective individual. It kinda even appeared as if he was doing a testimonial. It was interesting just watching him speak. I did appreciate the thoughtful answers that he gave. I like that he didn’t shy away from talking about the nature of the film and how he views erotic cinema and the landscape of it in our society, plus his familiarity with it.

If you’re not familiar with Julia Fox, check out the stellar work she does in Uncut Gems. That’s where I first got a good impression of her as an actress. She does a really good job playing a dominatrix/cam girl in this film. Peter had plenty of good things to say about Julia, and it certainly sounded genuine.

I just started watching HBO Max’s Love Life in which Peter stars alongside Anna Kendrick. Peter had a lot of positive things to say about working on the series and enjoying playing Jim.

PVT Chat is an interesting look at the taboo themes of sex. Good performances. It’s a worthy watch.

PVT CHAT in Theaters on February 5, 2021, followed by a VOD and Digital HD release on February 9, 2021

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