‘Shameless’ Star Laura Wiggins: On Her Time on ‘Shameless’, Keeping In Touch with the Cast & Working on ‘Stand!’

Laura Wiggins is a very memorable actor. She has that radiant smile and energy on-screen that “pop”. Recognized widely for her work on the hit series Shameless, Wiggins has since ventured out into other notable projects. Her latest film is the musical drama Stand!

I spoke to Laura about her role in Stand! and having to learn an Eastern European accent and sing. She also spoke about her time working on Shameless. Does she still watch the show? Does she keep in contact with the cast? She answers those questions and much more.


Laura was very sweet and fun. She radiates energy even when she’s not on-screen. I appreciated her transparency. I thought she was great.

We quickly got into a historical discussion. As I mentioned in the interview, growing up in Poland, my grandfather often spoke about the war and the seldomly known Bolsheviks. This movie is a story about love and the struggle of immigrants. I thought Laura had a fairly difficult task of learning an accent, but additionally also having to sing. She did fairly well on both accounts.

Laura was a big part of Shameless, playing Karen Jackson, in the first couple seasons of the show. I loved her work on the show, so I wanted to know about her experience working on it. She was very transparent about it.

She still watches the show, but says she’s a bit behind on it. I found that to be pretty cool that she keeps up with it after all these years.

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