Reel Talker’s Holiday Gift Guide (1.0)


Price: $15 (per bottle) on Amazon

Ok wine lovers, this one is especially for you. ArT Wine Preserver is a simple yet awesome item. So you have some friends over and you drink some wine and in some cases you have some leftover. You don’t wanna throw it away, but also after it’s open it never tastes the same, right? Wrong. Enter ArT Wine which preserves your wine from getting old and spoiling. All you do is simply press down on the nozzle for 2 or a couple puffs and wellah your remaining wine is good for up to 30 days!

How it works is quite simple, the lightweight bottle contains pure argon gas to displace oxygen, that in turn prevents oxidation. There was my chemistry lesson for the day. Don’t ask more, I don’t know more about chemistry. This is an awesome gift for any wine lover. Promotes responsible drinking and preserves your wine for future consumption, while saving you some bucks from buying a new bottle. Win-win. Key highlights:

  • Affordable
  • Lightweight bottle
  • Saves wine and money
  • Extends the life of your wine for up to 30 days

Website: ArT Wine Preserver

Instagram: @ArTWinePreserver

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