Conversation with Horror Legend Tony Todd: He Talks Theater, Video Games and ‘Candyman’ Reboot

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Tony Todd is one of the true screen icons, having appearing in over 230 films and shows. Most famously known for his role as The Candyman. Tony has had an illustrious career in acting on-screen, in theater and doing voice-over work. One of his recent appearances is in the movie Immortal.

I had a great pleasure to speak to Tony about his career, what appealed to him about his character in Immortal. I asked Tony about the upcoming Candyman reboot and his thoughts on it. Tony also spoke about his passion for theater and his love for video games. Check out the interview and find out things about Tony that you might have never known.


Tony is great. This was my second time interviewing him. I met him in LA at the premiere of Candy Corn. I can vouch for the fact that he is just one of the kindest and humble individuals I’ve met in the entertainment industry. He’s a legend, but you’d never know the way he carries himself. Very friendly and open. I just have a ton of respect for him as a person and performer. Great guy.

So many interesting things that came out of this interview. Tony is a very passionate person and you could hear it in his voice. He is a true auteur. An actor that truly loves the craft. He stressed how big of a factor theater played in his life, as a person and performer. He loves the theater and acting in the purest form. I certainly am convinced that he’s never done it for fame, he was raised in the theater scene and is very prideful about it.

I love how Tony was offering advice to actors. This is someone who has done it all in this industry so having him offer advice is invaluable. You can tell he is someone that likes giving back and giving back to the acting community. That’s someone you can really learn from.

Tony seemed very cool with the fact there is a Candyman reboot coming out. He will have a small part in it also. I’d imagine some actors would be envious of their movies being remade, especially ones that have a special meaning in their careers. Tony has no ego. It’s really cool to see him embrace new films and even reboots of classics. He really has a great understanding for the industry and how it works.

Out of all the things we spoke about, I had no clue Tony was a big gamer. That’s awesome! I never would imagine him being a video game fanatic. He’s just very well rounded and has a variety of interests, which is always cool to hear about from the people you watch on TV.

I had a blast speaking to Tony. Keep an eye on all his upcoming releases. For those of you that are fans of the DC animated films, Tony has voiced Darkseid in many of them. I recommend checking out Immortal, which is available now On Demand. It’s an interesting movie with a unique concept.

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