Tyler Posey & Summer Spiro: On Making a Pandemic Zombie Film & Tyler Reacts to His ‘Teen Wolf’ Co-Star

It’s felt as if Tyler Posey and Holland Roden were on my TV screens yesterday, but it’s been three years since Teen Wolf ended. Tyler Posey has continued appearing in movies and shows. His latest being the pandemic zombie thriller Alone.

I had a chance to speak to Tyler and his Alone co-star Summer Spiro (Westworld) about the film. They spoke about the incredible irony about filming a movie about a world with isolation and pandemic and how it eerily feels similar in reality at the moment. Plus, much more. The entire interview can be found below.


Tyler and Summer were great. Tyler has this vibe to him. Definitely has this star aura around him but with evident humility. Summer was very nice and engaging in conversation. Both had a lot of personality. I enjoyed speaking to them.

They seemed to have a fun time on this film. Both spoke about their experience and the fact they had fake zombies all over the building they were staying in. Like in the bathroom tub. Imagine that. Summer wasn’t crazy about it and I can’t blame her. That’s a fun tidbit. I could totally picture that in my mind.

They had good chemistry in the film and even better in this chat. Both were very complimentary of each other, hence I had to ask them each about their favorite thing about each other. I felt both gave fantastic responses.

I’d imagine it would be pretty cool to work with a legend such as Donald Sutherland. Tyler certainly spoke highly of Donald and the advice and wisdom he gained working alongside him. Summer didn’t have any scenes with Donald, but also spoke highly of him.

I got a kick out of mentioning my recent interview with Holland Roden, Tylers former co-star on Teen Wolf. We both seemed to marvel Holland’s adventures building all sorts of things.

The movie was fun and entertaining, certainly fitting for this Halloween season. Tyler and Summer were great. I certainly hope to see more of her in films and shows, Tyler has continued his success post-Teen Wolf.

ALONE’ releases on Digital and On Demand October 16th and arriving on Blu-ray and DVD October 20th from Lionsgate

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