‘The Batman’ Co-Writer Mattson Tomlin on the New Batman Multiverse & the Marvel Influence on ‘Project Power’

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Mattson Tomlin is about to be one of the most known screenwriters in Hollywood. His meteoric rise lead him to be the co-writer on the next Batman film. In the meantime, he has a big Netflix blockbuster that just released called Project Power.

I had a chance to speak to Mattson about his quick ascent in the industry. Working on Project Power for Netflix and potential Marvel superhero influences he may have had for the characters. Plus, I talk to him about his involvement in The Batman movie and the current state of the Batman character.


Mattson was a blast to talk to. Very humble and personable guy. Definitely got the sense that he’s genuinely appreciative for his opportunities. Another thing that definitely stood out is that he is a big fan of superheroes and comics, not only based on the films he does, but on his excitement talking about them.

I thought one of the coolest aspects of the story concept for Project Power was the 5 minute expiration of the pill. Mattson really delved into that and provided some cool insight, even mentioning how he came around to that idea of the shorter amount of time, the better.

I wanted to get his thoughts on The Batman. Obviously he can’t speak much about it since the movie of this nature is pretty secretive. I learned that he did finish the script so that’s officially done. He talked about his reaction to getting the call and what went through his mind. I could only imagine being in that situation.

It was cool hearing his thoughts on the current Batman universe and how he thinks is a good thing to have. I can’t wait for all the Batman’s!

Wasn’t aware Mattson was adopted from Bucharest. I appreciated him sharing that with me.

I found him to be a really great guy based on my interaction. I wish him the best of luck. He’s someone that earned it by doing short films and indies, so to get noticed for his work and to get some major opportunities is great. Don’t sleep on his other upcoming movie Little Fish. He just turned 30, imagine the possibilities for his career. I’m excited for him.

‘PROJECT POWER’ is out now exclusively on Netflix

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