Michael Pitt on His Love For Indie Films and His Thoughts on Mainstream Breakthrough

Michael Pitt might be one of the best actors that most don’t know about. Pitt started young and made a mark in movies such as The Dreamers, Murder By Numbers and he even had a good run on Dawson’s Creek. His new movie Run With The Hunted releases on June 26th.

I had a chance to speak to Michael about the film, his approach to acting and love for independent film. Check out the full interview below.


Been a long time fan of Michael. I always found him to be incredibly talented. A true man of the craft. He’s in the mold of talents such as Ben Foster and Emile Hirsch, widely respected and talented actors that don’t get their proper acclaim in the mainstream. I always wondered why this guy didn’t become a huge star.

I found Michael to be soft spoken, but he surprised me with his sarcastic nature. Humble guy with interesting perspectives. He’s the type of person that you just would like to listen to and take in what he’s saying.

Michael stated that the best time he had on this film was working with the kids. It’s cool to hear that they formed a bond and went boxing together as a group. The camaraderie came through in the film.

Sometimes you just have to ask difficult questions that might be uncomfortable to ask. I was really curious to know how he felt about many of his peers that he’s worked with such as Eva Green and Ryan Gosling, among others, become such big mainstream box office stars and household names. While Michael continued on the indie route. He had a really thoughtful answer for me and took the question as well as one could. I give him a lot of credit for that.

Also found it interesting that he pointed out Eva Green as someone he holds a high regard for as a person and performer. I agreed with his points. She is a lot more talented than she’s given credit for. It’s crazy to think someone is so beautiful that they don’t get full credit for their talents that they deserve.

Michael was great to talk to. Enjoyed it. Hope I get to chat again with him. His performance in Run With The Hunted is terrific as usual. Definitely worth checking out.

‘RUN WITH THE HUNTED’ releases On Demand on June 26, 2020

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