Jake Manley on His Wild On-Screen Romance with Bella Thorne

Have any of you dreamed big at some point and just wanted to drop everything and venture out to Hollywood to chase your dreams? I’ll raise my hand on that, I actually did it. In Joshua Caldwell’s Infamous, two young lovers venture on a journey cross country, looking for stardom, in all the wrong ways.

Recently I had a chance to speak to the writer director of Infamous, Joshua Caldwell, as well as one of the stars of the film, Jake Manley. The guys joined me on Zoom to discuss the film and their experiences working on it, plus they shared their thoughts on how social media is impacting our lives.


First time talking to these gentlemen, and I had a great time chatting with them. Both seemed very grounded and chill. Just normal easy going people. I actually felt Jake and Josh had a similar personality that meshed well, so no wonder they teamed up on this film.

For those of you that might not be familiar with either. Jake is the star on a really good Netflix series called The Order. He also in Midway, which released last year. He’s certainly an actor making his mark and soon should be a household name.

Josh is an ascending writer-director that you will be certainly hearing a lot more about, very soon. Jake was in a cabin in Canada overlooking a lake, on a personal retreat. It was really cool for him to join, so if you see some internet lag when he spoke, keep in mind he wasn’t in a cell friendly reception zone.

They both shared some good perspectives and thoughts. Especially Joshua’s breakdown of social media (towards the end of the interview), which I thought was very interesting to hear.

Jake spoke about working with Bella Thorne and how they developed chemistry, called her one of the “bros,” meaning she is cool and chill to hang with. That gives you some insight what Bella is like on-set and what her personality may be.

Overall, fun and cool chat. I hope to reconnect with them down the road. Keep an eye for both of these talented guys. Check out the movie, it’s fun and a wild ride.

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‘INFAMOUS’ is available as of June 12 Digitally, select Drive Ins and in Virtual Cinemas

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