Film and TV Composer Jackson Greenberg on What Does a Composer Actually Do

Composers play an instrumental (no pun intended) role in making a movie. Take away the film score and you completely have a different movie than you’d expect. Jackson Greenberg has scored several shows, movies and documentaries in his career.

His latest is the FX/Hulu documentary AKA Jane Roe. I spoke to Jackson about scoring it and other prominent docs he’s worked on, plus he gives a background on what his everyday work life as a composer entails.


Jackson was cool and engaging. He really gave a good perspective on what his job as a composer entials. I liked hearing about his work process and that he actually enjoys going into the studio to work, instead of at home. He spoke about having a fellow composer next door to him was helpful.

It’s interesting to hear the approach to work by each composer. They seem to be creatures of habit. Jackson’s style is pretty standard of what you’d imagine it to be, I thought it would be more eccentric for some reason.

I appreciated him sharing his experience and work style and just giving a perspective as to what a composer’s job entails. He really is a talented composer, check out the documentaries Cartel Land and City of Ghost also. By the way, he’s so versatile with his work, as he also worked on the Netflix show Dating Around! Fun stuff.

FX’s ‘AKA Jane Roe’ is now streaming on Hulu

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