‘Barkskins’ Cast with James Bloor, Tiio Horn & Christian Cooke as They Share On-Set Experiences (Part 3)

The third installment of the Barkskins press junket. This is one fun group as I get to chat with Tiio Horn, Christian Cooke and James Bloor. They had a ton of interesting experiences to share. Hear James share an experience that even his fellow castmates didn’t know about.


Such a fun Zoom chat with these three. They had great chemistry as a group and shared some awesome stories. I was surprised to hear that I was the first media member that they actually got to see on Zoom. Not sure why others would not turn on the video when you’re seeing the actors? Oh well, I had the video on while looking like I was the one transported into the late 1600’s (time period where the story takes place).

Tiio had a really fun story about asking for a grilled cheese sandwich as her meal and having the journey of going down a hill to get it, clearly catering wasn’t easy to get to on this set. I loved having Tiio on this call, she was so energetic and fun.

James surprised everyone, including myself when he revealed that he traveled from Europe to Canada (where they filmed) on a BOAT! His castmates were stunned when he revealed it. Apparently it was no biggie for James. Badass for sure! I know I wouldn’t have had the patience and will to do that.

Super interview with a great group of actors with awesome personalities.

National Geographics Limited Series “BARKSKINS” debuts on Memorial Day on Monday May 25 at 9/8c

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