“Barkskins” Interviews: David Wilmot, Lily Sullivan and Tom Wright (Part 1)

National Geographics latest new show, Barkskins, will debut on May 25th on, you guessed it, Nat Geo. The show stars a slew of talented and recognizable actors. Recently I had a chance to Zoom (cause this is what we do now) with the cast of the show. My first set of interviews was with David Wilmot (yes that one Harry Potter lovers), Tom Wright and Lily Sullivan.


My first press junket on Zoom and it felt like a success. Listen, fact is that amid this pandemic the studios and networks have come up with a very good way to conduct publicity and press junkets. Much credit to them for finding an effective quick solution. PremiereTV seems to be a new destination for junkets and they did a terrific job coordinating it virtually.

The junket was pretty cool. Sure, you didn’t have that in person interaction, but still the best of the situation. I found Tom to be very introspective and descriptive with his experience working on the show. Lily shared a similar sentiment and she brought up her perspective about how women were viewed and treated during the times the show was set in. I thought that was a poignant look at it by Lily. David seemed to have been very relaxed at home, which was pretty fun to see.

National Geographics Limited Series “BARKSKINS” debuts on Memorial Day on Monday May 25 at 9/8c

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