Fran Drescher Shares Advice and Tips on Handling Cancer

Fran Drescher has been an inspirational figure to many dealing with cancer. Her foundation, Cancer Schmancer, has provided extensive funds and spreading awareness of prevention and early detection. I had the pleasure to speak to Fran at the NBC & Vanity Fair celebration of the season event. Fran spoke about prevention methods and tips for those who received a cancer diagnosis.


This was very personal for me. My mother just got diagnosed with breast cancer, so I asked Fran if there is anything she could share with me that I can pass along to my mother. This interview was that message. This is a message to everyone dealing with cancer and prevention for others.

My mother is a huge fan of Fran, so I’m very proud of this interview and thankful to Fran for being so gracious with her time and knowledge. She’s a fabulous person. I learned a lot from what Fran spoke about. I had no knowledge about the root canal thing. Cancer Schmancer is a fantastic foundation that I highly recommend anyone inquiring about.

To donate and learn more about cancer prevention and tips, check out the CANCER SCHMANCER website

Fran Drescher will star in Indebted, which is slated to premiere on February 6, 2020 on NBC

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