This Week’s Movie Pick of the Day: Blinded By The Light

One of the feel good movies of the year is now available for your home viewing. Inspired by true events of a teenangers connection to Bruce Springsteen’s music. I loved this film. It’s one of those movies that transcends barriers and cultures and brings everything together.

Springsteen fan or not, this movie is about the impact of musical lyrics on person and how much it can change someone’s life and inspire. Viveik Kalra is fantastic in the lead role of Javed, but Kulvinder Ghir, who plays Viveik’s father is a scene-stealer.

I appreciated this movie noting the unjust racial and economic turmoil that the Pakistani people faced in England during the late 80’s. So while it has a lot of heart, it also doesn’t shy away from the ugly side of how people of different descent were treated. The movie illustrates the importance of family, friendship and chasing your dreams to maximize your potential.

Great music, endearing story and characters you will love. A very well written and directed film. Personally it’s one of my most beloved movies of the year. Check it out!


“Blinded By The Light” Blu-ray contains the following special features:

·         Memoir to Movie

·         The Most Crazy Thing

·         Deleted Scenes

“Blinded By The Light” DVD contains the following special feature:

·         Memoir to Movie

Own Blinded by the Light on Blu-ray and DVD on November 19 and Digital on October 22

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