Universal and NBC TV Holiday Gift Guide


DreamWorks Dragons: Fire Breathing Toothless with Bio Glow
: Spin Master
SRP: $34.99
Age Range: 3+

Description: Measuring over 20 inches long with 22-inch, pull-open wings, Giant Fire Breathing Toothless is loaded with exciting battle features. Bring Toothless to life with amazing, fire breathing effects. Fill the pack on his back with water using the dropper included. Then push the button behind his left ear to activate lights and smoke-like puffs of dragon’s breath. Load a glow- in-the-dark projectile into his mouth and push the button behind his right ear to fire! Combine Giant Fire Breathing Toothless with Dragon and Viking figure sets (sold separately). Viking figures can ride on the special saddle on Toothless’ back for an awesome dragon and rider adventure!

DreamWorks Dragons: Hatching Baby Toothless
Licensee: Spin Master
SRP: $59.99 each
Age Range: 3+

Description: Hatch and train your very own baby dragon Toothless! Utilizing Hatchimals technology, Toothless comes to life inside the egg. He moves, makes sounds and his eyes light up to let you know he’s inside. Tap on the egg to hear Toothless tap back and shake it around to get him aggravated enough to hatch out of the egg! 

Jurassic World Destroy ‘N Devour™ INDOMINUS REX
Licensee: Mattel
SRP: $39.99
Age Range: 4+
RetailerTarget App available at App Store and Google Play

Description: This infamous large dinosaur wreaks havoc and fear – Indominus features include realistic slick scales, longer arms with dagger-like claws and push button activation. Push the button on its back to operate the mouth and activate sound effects. The button also makes Indominus’ jaw open, activates sounds, pick up and swallow 3, ¾-inch human figures. And LED light in the throat lights up to show the human figures. Push the front button for arm strikes and slashing sound effects.

Jurassic World Primal Pal BLUE
Licensee: Mattel
SRP: $24.99
Age Range: 4+

Description: Inspired by the fan favorite, Velociraptor Blue, this Primal Pal dinosaur captures the moments when Baby Blue and Owen bond during her training session. Watch Blue come to life by squeezing down on her leg and see her wiggle from side to side. Turn her neck from side-to-side, and open and close her mouth as well. Blue also features neck, shoulder and feet articulation, sound effects and realistic eyes.

DreamWorks Trolls Popstar Poppy
Licensee: Hasbro
SRP: $29.99
Age Range: 4+

Description: Sing along with DreamWorks Trolls Popstar Poppy. This doll comes with a ukulele inspired by her instrument in the movie and TV show. Magnetically attach the ukulele to the doll and she sings “Trolls Just Want to Have Fun,” accompanied by her instrument as heard in the new movie “Trolls World Tour.” Take the ukulele away and this DreamWorks Trolls toy sings the same song without the instrument. She also says fun phrases and makes sounds.


The Office Dwight Belsnickel Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt
SRP: $32.95

Captain Holt’s Pineapple Slut Men’s Short Sleeve T-Shirt
SRP: $22.95

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2020 Wall Calendar
Licensee: ACCO
SRP: $14.99

The Good Place 2020 Wall Calendar
Licensee: ACCO
SRP: $14.99

Parks And Recreation Swanson Pyramid of Greatness Poster – 18”X24”
SRP: $26.95


Blockbuster 500pc Retro Puzzles
SRP: $8.99
Age Range: 8+
Licensee: Cardinal

Description: The Breakfast Club, JAWS, ET, Sixteen Candles, Animal House & The Big Lebowski all available! The golden age of video rentals is back with these retro puzzles in a high-quality, plastic case inspired and designed after Blockbuster’s old VHS cases. Durable pieces snap together firmly for a great fit and ensure a most satisfying build. These puzzles feature vibrant art that pops, making each puzzle perfect for framing. Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to challenge your problem-solving skills and are a fun activity for the entire family. Measures 18″ x 24″ when complete.

The Office Pop! Figures by Funko
Licensee: Funko
SRP: $10.99 – $14.99
Age Range: 3+

Description: Already missing the days of your summer internship? Bring the fun and camaraderie of office life back to the dorm with The Office Pop! figures including Michael Scott, Pam Beesly, Dwight Schrute, Darryl Philbin, Kevin Malone, Jim Halpert and more! Andy Bernard is a Target exclusive.

DreamWorks Dragons: Baby Dragon Plush with Plastic Egg
Licensee: Spin Master
SRP: $5.99 each
Age Range: 3+

Description: Crack open a plastic dragon egg to find an adorable, 3-inch tall plush creature from DreamWorks’ How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World! Your new friend fits in the palm of your hand and is ready to be your magical companion for dragon adventure play! When it’s time to rest, use the bottom of the egg as your dragon’s nest. The Dragon Egg Plush friends are the perfect gift for kids and dragon trainers aged 4 and up. Use your new dragon to recreate exciting scenes from the fantastical DreamWorks movie, How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. Which baby dragon will you take home?

Jurassic World Snap Squad Assortment
Licensee: Mattel
SRP: $4.99
Age Range: 4+

Description: Kids and Jurassic World fans will love collecting the Snap Squad Assortment featuring fan favorite dinosaurs. These small-scale collectibles feature the fierce Jurassic World dinosaurs, but with a stylistic design and mouths that open to “snap on” to backpacks, lunch bags and more. Choose from Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor Blue, Indominus Rex and Indoraptor.

DreamWorks Trolls Hair Huggers
Licensee: Hasbro
SRP: $4.99
Age Range: 4+

Description: One surprise Hair Hugger figure in each package. 6 different Hair Huggers figures characters to collect.

DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free Collector Doll & Horse Assortment
Licensee: Just Play
SRP: $14.99
Age Range: 3+

Description: Collect all the doll and horse sets. Each sold separately. Each set includes: one 5” doll and one 7” Horse. Each doll features poseable arms and legs for imaginative play. Perfect size for little hands and collectability. Each set sold separately.

DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free: Lucky’s Guide to Wintertime Whimsy
Licensee: Little, Brown
SRP: $12.99
RetailerTargetAmazon, Wherever books are sold

Description: Celebrate winter with Lucky, and the rest of the PALs in this interactive guidebook that includes a giant poster, stencils, postcards, crafts, recipes, quizzes, games, and more! In this cozy guidebook, Lucky Prescott and her friends celebrate all the things they love about winter with the help of their trusty steeds! The PALs and other key characters from the hit Netflix show guide readers through pages of interactive quizzes about what gifts to give loved ones, recipes for holiday treats, easy-to-make winter crafts, and other seasonal games and activities! With nonfiction elements about horse care in cold weather and fun pop-out pieces, this guide is a holiday must-have for DreamWorks Animation’s Spirit Riding Free fans.

DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free: Merry Christmas!
Licensee: Little, Brown
SRP: $4.99
RetailerWalmartAmazon, Wherever books are sold

Description: It is Christmastime in Miradero! Lucky is excited, but a snowstorm that comes to town might ruin the celebration. Everything is covered in ice, and everyone’s presents get stuck in the mountains! Can Lucky, her PALs, and Spirit save the day? Featuring a winning combination of favorite licensed characters and carefully controlled text-reading along or reading alone just got more fun with Passport to Reading! All books include a parent letter, word count, Guided Reading level, and number of sight words. Level 2: Reading out Loud: encourages developing readers to sound out loud, includes more complex stories with simple vocabulary.

DreamWorks Trolls Holiday
Publisher: Random House
SRP: $4.99
RetailerWalmartBarnes & NobleAmazon, Wherever books are sold

Description: When the eternally optimistic Poppy, queen of the Trolls, learns that the Bergens no longer have any holidays on their calendar, she enlists the help of Bridget–her new bestie–and the rest of the gang in a delightfully quirky mission to fix something that the Bergens don’t even think is broken. Based on the new DreamWorks’ Trolls Holiday TV special, this full-color Little Golden Book retells the entire laugh-out-loud story.


Flex Minions Watches
Available at

Description: Bello!! They’re finally here! Minions and Flex Watches have partnered to present these one of a kind Minions Flex Watches. Not only do they feature the most mischievous characters around, but Flex will donate 10% of profits to Autism Awareness. Age Range: 10+
SRP: $40


The Office Downsizing Game
SRP: $14.99
Age Range: 16+
Licensee: Cardinal

Description: It’s a game of workplace survival! Can you make it through the workweek at Dunder Mifflin without getting downsized out the door? Roleplay as your favorite The Office character and try to make it ’til Friday without getting fired. Be part of Team Michael, intent on exposing Toby as the Scranton Strangler. Be part of Team Toby, just itching to issue a pink slip (or two or three). Orrr, BE TOBY in disguise! Each day of the week comes with a new email from HR and enough episode-specific gameplay references to separate the avid show watcher from the hard-core Dunder Mifflin devotee. Will you triumph in the finger gun face-off? Your job may depend on it.

American Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course Race Set
Licensee: B4 Adventure
SRP: $59.95
Age Range: 3+

Description: This complete 25-piece set allows for dozens of different obstacle course set-ups. No matter the age or skill level, you can create a course and great family fun to match. Great for Ninja birthday parties, family gatherings, or just fun with neighborhood kids. The set includes diagrams for suggested course set-ups, two 30” x 20” reinforced hop sacks, eight 14” agility rings with dual use connectors, two competition jump ropes, birch wood bear crawl posts, and over 150’ of twine. Novel backyard game!

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Box of Lies Game
Licensee: Hasbro
SRP: $20.00
Age Range: 10+

Description: Challenge friends to the bluffing game of hilarious objects, based on the Box of Lies game played on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon!  A player opens one of the mystery boxes without letting their opponent see. What ridiculous object is on the mystery card inside? They’ll either lie about it or tell the truth, depending on whether they flipped the Truth or Lie tile. Who can convince their opponent that they’re lying when they’re actually telling the truth? How about telling the truth when actually lying? Trick opponents to win the round –otherwise they do! It’s about bluffing your way to victory in this wickedly-fun party game from Jimmy Fallon.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Face It Challenge Game
Licensee: Hasbro
SRP: $20.00
Age Range: 10+

Description: Get your game face on in this hilarious game based on the Face It Challenge game on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Players make outrageous faces based on scenarios like “Just bit into a lemon,” “Turning into a werewolf,” or “Robot trying to be human” — but try not to laugh or crack before opponents do! Players need to keep their cool to win the Face-Off. The included double-sided mirror lets players practice their crazy faces, then drops for a head-to-head reveal. The first player to win 3 Face-Offs wins the game. Keep the laughs going in Party Mode where players battle it out for the title of Face-Off Master.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Best Friends Challenge Game
Licensee: Hasbro
SRP: $20.00
Age Range: 10+

Description: Best Friends Challenge is the most awkward way to bring friends together…literally! Besties put their friendship to the test in this party game that challenges them to answer “would you rather” questions with identical responses. Teams of friends wear a heart locket belt and each time they answer the same way, they turn the knob that brings the halves of the locket—and the two besties—closer together. Mismatched answers require them to draw a Bonding Moment card that instructs them to perform hilarious and often awkward activities. Completing the challenges can strengthen their friendship as it closes the distance between their halves of the heart locket. The team of besties that ends with the fewest Bonding Moment cards wins the game.


The Official DreamWorks Opus
A large-format, limited edition book that celebrates the creative achievements of one of the world’s most acclaimed animation studios and documents its growth into the global family entertainment brand it is today. For the very first time, the studio’s entire 36-movie filmography is captured in the same giant publication, with more than 100 personal contributions from the filmmakers and creators who fashioned these animation masterpieces.

Four Editions:
1. The Premiere ‘Anniversary’ Edition – estimated retail price: $25,000
Limited to only 25 copies worldwide. Presented in hand made case featuring a collage of characters from DreamWorks Animation’s history. In addition, it will include custom and personalized features, sketches by DreamWorks artists and exclusives experiences for each collector.  

2. The Premiere Edition – estimated retail price: $15,000/$18,000
Limited to 75 copies worldwide. Presented in hand made case featuring a collage of characters from DreamWorks Animation’s history.  

Both Premiere Editions are Marquee size, 18 x 18 square inches, 858 pages, 65 pounds, cover adorned with silver moon boy medallion, leather bound includes elements such as the DWA unique Signature page featuring the signatures of Jeffrey Katzenberg along with 29 actors and directors including Alec Baldwin, Jack Black, Gerard Butler, Nicolas Cage, James Corden, Cameron Diaz, Craig Ferguson, America Ferrera, Jeff Goldblum, Anna Kendrick, Lisa Kudrow, Ben Stiller and more.

3. The Moon Boy Edition – RRP $3,000/$3,500
Limited to 200 copies worldwide. Marquee size, 18 x 18 square inches, 858 pages, 65 pounds, cover adorned with silver moon boy foil stamp, leather bound and presented in hand made case featuring a collage of characters from DreamWorks Animation’s history.  

4. The Classic Edition – RRP $250/$300
Unlimited print run (open ended). Selected abridged edition, 12 x 12 square inches, 425 pages, cloth covered presented in hand made slip case featuring a collage of characters from DreamWorks Animation’s history.  

For each edition, consumers will be able to opt-in to the Opus “Tailor-Made” feature, allowing buyers to personalize their Opus with personal photos that relate to their own DreamWorks experience (i.e., a child’s Shrek or Poppy themed birthday party, etc.!).  

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