New Release of the Week: Catch-22

George Clooney in a WWII epic mini-series? Sign me up. This entertaining six episode mini-series that follows a group of U.S. air squadron in Italy during WWII. Clooney aside, the series stars Christopher Abbott, Hugh Laurie, Kyle Chandler and Giancarlo Giannini. Needless to say, it’s a terrific cast.

This Hulu original is exciting, entertaining and surprisingly funny. It’s based on true events. I liked the look of the film and the action sequences, which look very legitimate.

Catch-22 isn’t a big commitment to watch with only six episodes. It’s compelling, fun and has a great production value. If you’re a fan of Joseph Heller’s novel or enjoy this genre of film, this is a definite must see.

CATCH-22 is out now on DVD

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