‘Hollywire’ Founder Chelsea Briggs Shares Advice on Starting Your Own Brand and Outlet

I’ve been a fan of Hollywire for a while. I have admired the work of Chelsea Briggs, who started Hollywire. As someone who can relate to what she does, she’s been an inspiration and influence on my own career. I recently had a chance to meet and speak to her. Check out the full interview below.


What a pleasure to talk to an enterepeneur such as Chelsea. I can relate to her in several ways. Coming from the Midwest and moving out to LA. Starting a platform from scratch. I understand what she has accomplished and only hope to get to the level she has. She really is an inspiration for anyone who is trying to start their own creative outlet.

I found Chelsea to be very sweet and incredibly kind. She shared her experience, knowledge and provided lots of hope to anyone watching and trying to dip into this field. I think she’s a great example of someone who accomplished a lot through hard work and effort and not giving up.

I really appreciated her speak about her down times and how she felt overwhelmed and lost at times. I understood that, as can many others. She seemed like a terrific person and and someone that’s very humble for what she’s accomplished in creating such a dynamic entertainment brand. I am very happy for her success and hopefully one day I can be on her level.

You can follow Hollywire and Chelsea on Instagram:

@Hollywire and @chelsea_briggs

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