Infinity Festival: The Visual Bliss of VR

The second annual Infinity Festival took place in Hollywood this past weekend. Reel Talker was invited to check out the festivities and what I discovered was some mind-blowing content. Here is an idea what this fest offers:

Festival venues include Goya Studios, Dream Hotel and the Dolby Screening room on Hollywood and Vine. Needless to say it occupied several locations with some next-level technology. On hand were speakers from Netflix, Pixar, ILM and Disney.


I was motivated to get through the lines to the Spider-Man Virtual Reality Experience. It was simply amazing. You put on a headset and get two joysticks for each hand and the virtual reality begins. You pick a Spidey costume and you begin slinging around NYC. It felt incredibly lifelike, especially standing on top of a building, really made me feel anxious due to the feel of reality it provided.

I’ve done VR before, but this was next-level. It was about 15 minutes of virtual web-slinging at its finest. This is the future of gaming, a real interactive experience. As a Spider-Man fan, I’m glad they are catering games to people’s interests and having huge franchises being part of it.


There was a lot going on. Lots of panels and virtual experiences happening non-stop. Being a first time attendee, I found this fest to be fun and interesting. New concepts and ideas that will be rolling out to the public, thanks to visionary companies such as Intel, AWS and HP. It’s the perfect world of tech meeting entertainment.

For more on this fest you can visit the INFINITY FESTIVAL website

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