‘Love is Blind’ Director Monty Whitebloom

It’s no secret I love romantic movies, so it was a given for me to be interested in checking out Monty Whitebloom’s new modern romantic fantasy, Love is Blind. I had a chance to speak to Monty about the film. He shared about his experience and vision of the film, plus a lot more.


I found Monty very enjoyable and engaging. He made some interesting revelations about the film that I found thought-provoking. What really stood out to me was when he spoke about being with someone and not knowing what they are thinking and how that’s a good thing. Can’t disagree with that statement.

Fun interview that gave me a new perspective on the movie. Whether you like romance or not a huge fan, this is a real solid movie with good actors.

‘LOVE IS BLIND’ is out now in Theaters, VOD and Digital

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