Actress Bai Ling Talks Being Open to Love and Importance of Charities

Bai Ling is an international renowned actress. She made a name for herself in China and America, appearing in hit movies such as The Crow, Crank: High Voltage and Red Corner. I had a chance to speak to Bai at the Variety Southern California Children’s Charity, held at Paramount studios. Bai talked about the importance of charity work in her life.


Bai seemed very involved in charity work and making yearly appearances for the Variety Southern California Children’s Charity poker events. She seems to really understand and grasp the importance of charity work, which is great to hear.

I really liked what she had to say about romance and how she views it in her life. Some wise words. Advice I can certainly take. After our interview, she entrusted me with taking pics for her on the red carpet, which was a fun off-camera interaction.

Link for more information on Variety Children’s Charity of Southern California


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