Actress Rhyon Nicole Brown Discusses Forming Friendships On Set

Actress Rhyon Nicole Brown has worked alongside many major stars. In her latest film, Killers Anonymous, she stars alongside Gary Oldman and Jessica Alba. Rhyon spoke to me about her experience working on the film and what she learned from working alongside some of the biggest names in the industry and shares the valuable advice.


Rhyon was such so fun to talk to. She had a lot of energy and excitement during the interview. She seemed to have had a really good time in London filming Killers Anonymous. The working hours sure sounded appealing, 7-7 is pretty good considering lots of actors can work 16 hour days on many sets.

You usually don’t get to hear stories about actors becoming best friends with the writers, but in Rhyon’s case it happened, which seems pretty awesome. Another interesting topic she touched on was the relationships she’s formed with some of the actors.

The thing that stood out with me is how she spoke comforting the setting and mood on the sets with the big name stars were. That makes sense considering you have accomplished and proven talent leading the films and you know they will deliver on their end of it.

KILLERS ANONYMOUS is out now in select Theaters and On Demand

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