Actors Ashleigh Morghan & Isaac Jay Discuss ‘Head Count’

For those familiar with the LA area, Joshua Tree is one of the prime spots for a weekend getaway. In Head Count, a group of teens embark on a trip to Joshua Tree, but it turns into one scary experience with a mysterious entity on their path. Isaac Jay and Ashleigh Morghan star in the film and I spoke to them about their experience at on the movie and their stay in Joshua Tree.




Fun conversation with Isaac and Ashleigh. Clearly Joshua Tree made an impression on them. Seems like they had a lot of fun bonding as a cast. I was trying to envision how they managed without legitimate cell reception and limited phone use. Sounds so farfetched in today’s world, but I’m sure it can also be liberating.

It was cool to find out Isaac was a huge coffee connoisseur. He revealed some of his favorite coffee spots around LA, I’ll have to check out at least one of them. This is a recommendation I can definitely use.

Ashleigh was on the MTV show “Are You The One”. I have been a fan of the show, so it was fun to hear hear talk about being on it and what it was like. Ashleigh was pretty candid about her experience. I appreciated her honesty and behind-the-scenes look at what happens on a show like that.

Both Ashleigh and Isaac were interesting to talk to and shared some fun stories and individual perspectives.

‘HEAD COUNT’ is out now in Theaters and Available On Demand and Digital

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