Actress Alexis Kendra Speaks on Strong Female Antagonist Roles in Movies

Alexis Kendra isn’t just leading lady quality. She’s a creative force behind her films. She writes, acts, produces and even does production design. The beautiful and vastly talented actress co-wrote and stars in The Cleaning Lady. I spoke to Alexis about the film and why she loves having strong female leads in horror.

SPOILER WARNING: There is a spoiler that starts at the 10:53 mark of the interview, so beware if you don’t want end plot details.


Alexis is a multi-talented individual. It’s hard to write and star in a leading role, much less adding production and other set contributions she has done on her films. I was really impressed by her mind and perspective.

Seems like she put a lot of work and had many discussions with the director Jon Knautz in regards to crafting the characters and plot. The end result of the final product shows that it wasn’t just scraped together. This is a smart and tense horror thriller. I enjoyed the film.

I was surprised to learn that Alexis was slated to play the role of the villain, Shelly. I like the fact she just didn’t want to play the stereotypical horror movie blonde, instead she crafted her character to have depth and layers. Some interesting themes the characters in this movie are dealing with.

I found Alexis to be very engaging and passionate. She appears to be a very creative individual and used that creativity to instill a meaningful message to the audience about being happy with what you have, because it’s better than you think. Such a powerful and important message that any viewer can relate to. It definitely comes through in the film. Fantastic work from her and the others involved with the making of this film.

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